Therapy for Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

You made a career out of taking care of or helping others and fighting for social justice, which you really enjoyed in the beginning. You loved the work so much but now you feel like you are never doing enough, experience debilitating anxiety, have self-loathing thoughts, and feel like a burden to those you care about.

What you will gain from therapy:

  • A space that is just for you
  • Development of self-care routines that lead to increased life/work balance
  • Understand emotional triggers
  • Learn ways to handle overwhelming emotions
  • Feel like yourself again so you can focus on your passions
  • Learn how to say no and develop better boundaries
  • Increased compassion and acceptance for yourself

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Cher Hamilton-Tekautz, LCSW

Psychotherapy For Individuals


4250 N Marine Drive, Suite 230
Chicago, IL 60613

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Chicago is located on the unceded land of the Council of the Three Fires: The Odawa, Ojibwe & Potawatomi Nations. It was also a site of trade and healing for the Miami, Ho-Chunk, and Sauk.